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Jane’s London Hen Do

Well, it has been 3 years to the day since this hen do, which means it has taken a shocking amount of time to get it up on this blog. But it’s here now, so enjoy! Jane is my very good friend who I used to work with back in 2010/2011, and we had an amazing day on her London hen do..

Where: London Bridge Area – Beer Bike Tour (they do a lot of different areas around London)
When: 13 July 2013
How long:  Saturday afternoon/evening
How close to wedding:  2.5 weeks before
Number of hens: 9
Theme:  We dressed Jane up as Brendan Brady, a character from Hollyoaks she fancied, and the rest of us Hens all had a moustache in homage.
Cost: £23 per person (£20 pp December to February) Minimum 7 persons

Jane had her main hen do back in Omagh where she is from originally, As I couldn’t make that and a lot of her friends and family-in-law are London based I should probbly throw her another hen do.

I wanted a reasonably priced activity in London for 9 people, and was already aware of the Beer Bike as I live in the area and often see people on it. I knew that Jane would love it, so I booked it.


Everyone met in a pub round the corner from where the beer bike was leaving from, on a very sunny Saturday afternoon. We had a couple of drinks and the fun began.

We dressed Jane up as Brendan Brady from Hollyoaks (who she was obsessed with at the time).

Before the wig (Not the best, but the only one I have)

Before the wig (Not the best, but the only one I have)

Jane as Brendan Brady

Jane as Brendan Brady

The rest of us hens all had a stick on moustache to wear. This wasn’t too great logistically on the hottest day of the year (37 degrees).

A photo of us all in moustaches before they literally slid off our faces.

A photo of us all in moustaches before they literally slid off our faces.

We then went to get on the beer bike. As a pleasant surprise, the ‘driver’ of our bus was incredibly attractive, and really up for a laugh. Apparently he was Channing Tatum’s stunt double. I don’t know how true this was, and I don’t care.

Us on the Beer Bike with 'Big Johnnie' our driver

Us on the Beer Bike with ‘Big Johnnie’ our driver

We took our own booze, and had our iPods playing some tunes on the speakers as we cycled around London Bridge / South London. It was such a hot day though, and it was hard work cycling over Tower Bridge. So hard I had to jump off and grab 2 random guys who were walking over Tower Bridge to get on the bike and help us. We paid them in cans of cider.

Random guys on bridge

In conjunction with the outfit, Jane had a few rules, dares and forfeits. The main one was everytime I blew my whistle Jane had to shout “I LOVE BRENDAN BRADY FROM HOLLYOAKS SO MUCH I DRESS LIKE HIM ON THE WEEKEND”

After our 75 minutes on the bike, we had some food to soak up some of the booze, and then we finished the night at Reflex (an 80s club). Jane finished off her dares, and even managed to make the last train home!

Personalised touches

Dares: I had printed out dares for her, and a large group of blokes in the pub were intent on helping her complete them. She got  a fireman’s lift off a real fireman before she finished her first drink. One of her dares was to get a tweet off a celebrity, I followed someone on Twitter who was in Hollyoaks (I followed him because of his Radio 4 work I hasten to add) so I tweeted him a picture of Jane dressed as Brendan Brady, and he very kindly tweeted back!

For inspiration please see the DARES page on this blog.

Forefit Wheel: I made a forfeit wheel specific to Jane for every time she didn’t obey a rule of the day, or we just felt like she should do a forfeit. The forfeits were:

  • Make (and then wear) a bridal veil from loo paper
  • Stand on a chair and sing “I’m getting married in the morning”
  • Do 30 seconds of Irish dancing
  • Tell us an embarrassing secret
  • Touch a pigeon
  • Use the men’s loos next time you go
  • Gargle the Wedding March
  • Down a pint
The Forfeit Wheel

The Forfeit Wheel

Up close

Up close

Rules of the day: These are very much personalised towards Jane and were difficult for her to stick to.

  1. No shots for Jane
  2. No-one is to mention Chris’s name (anyone who does has to do a shot – apart from Jane as she is not allowed any shots)
  3. ONE whistle blow = Jane has to shout “I love Brendan Brady from Hollyoaks so much I dress like him on weekends”
  4. TWO whistle blows = Jane has to tell me how pleased she is that I met David Beckham this week
  5. If we see a celebrity at least one Hen has to have to have their photo taken with them
  6. Jane must ask permission from any Hen to do a scissor pout photos (we’re all doing a scissor pout in the moustache photo)
Her rules of the day (very specific to Jane)

Her rules of the day (very specific to Jane)

Busted Quiz: Jane loves the band Busted (in a slightly terrifying stalker sort of way), so we did a Super Fan quiz for her (with forfeits if she got any answers wrong)

I think Jane enjoyed her day….

Jane's Facebook status after the hen do

Jane’s Facebook status after the hen do

Upsides: Great way to see London. Very sociable way to spend an hour and a half. Our ‘driver’ was very fun and got involved in the banter. Relatively cheap activity for Central London. Loads of pubs to meet in/have food in. Had our own iPod playlist blaring out.

Downsides: It was VERY hot. And the bike was very hard work. Also, London is expensive! And not everyone will get the gorgeous Johnny! It wasn’t quite as I imagined with someone serving us our drinks as I had seen in Germany and I seem to remember it alluding to on the website. We just had to get our own out of our bags as we cycled along.

Game – Facebook Status Icebreaker

I was told recently about a great icebreaker game.


The hen do organiser went through people’s Facebook accounts, and took people’s status’ over the years, read them out and the group had to guess which person had posted it. You could have an “On This Day” section where you read out what people had been doing on the particular day you’re playing the game on.

She also did some “Guess the Missing Words From the Bride’s Status” and “Who Was ‘In a Complicated Relationship’ in April 2010” etc.


I think this is a great idea, and quite an easy/fun job for the organiser (possibly) if you’re trying to think of different icebreaker games to play. (Although it won’t work very well if all the Hens aren’t on very active on Facebook.)


Secret Missions!

Top Secret

On my mate Kate’s Hen do in early August, I thought it would be fun to set all the Hens secret missions. They all had to complete them at some point on the first night (although one secret mission had all weekend).

There were some hilarious results, so please feel free to steal these and use them on one of your hen dos. Also, let me know in the comments section if you have any other good ones.

Here they all are:

  1. Take a selfie with everyone individually! Be overly enthusiastic about it, and pull terrible faces!
  2. Convince someone you will be naming your daughter James or Andy like Ryan Reynolds or Jack Osbourne. Or Thor if it’s a boy (this was for a 5 months pregnant Hen)
  3. Accidentally prick at least 3 people with your/a badge pin (a bit of a mean one, but I was running short of ideas)
  4. Gradually exaggerate your makeup throughout the night (before 10pm). Get darker eyeliner, lipstick all round your mouth, loads of blusher etc.
  5. Hide all the white wine (without people noticing)
  6. During an appropriate time take a sip out of everyone’s drink as soon as they put it down. Don’t ask them if you can.
  7. Guess what everyone’s secret challenges are, come and tell me when you think you might know. (This was for the bride to be)
  8. Somehow let me know when you are going to attempt it (by asking if I want a drink, and nodding) and then nod at least 30 times in a minute without anyone realising. You can try as many times as you want, but I have to count 30 obvious nods.
  9. Eat 2 bags of Wotsits in 2 minutes
  10. Make an outfit out of other peoples clothing (at least 3 other people) without anyone realising. (Top, jacket, trousers etc.)
  11. Swap your rooms bags with another rooms and act a bit outraged when you ‘discover’ what’s happened!
  12. Over the course of the evening Break into song 5 times in context to what someone says. If someone says wedding, sing I’m getting married in the morning, if someone says tomorrow, sing the sun’ll come out, tomorrow etc.
  13. Ask to try on everyone’s shoes. Even if they won’t fit you. Actually try them on.
  14. Get a celebrity to Tweet us! You have all weekend to see if we get a Tweet.
Wonky secret mission

SECRET MISSION 4: Gradually exaggerate your makeup throughout the evening

Laura secret mission

SECRET MISSION 10: Make an outfit out of at least 3 other peoples clothes

Lynn secret mission LIGHTER

SECRET MISSION 11: Swap your room’s bags with another rooms

All of the challenges were good, but a couple deserve a special mention:

Secret Mission number 4. This was the best one I think. The photo doesn’t really do it justice, but Clare really piled on the makeup throughout the evening and people were too nice to say anything. Everyone was relieved when it turned out she was just doing it for her secret mission.

Secret Mission 5. I ruined this one. I went into the kitchen and someone told me all the wine had disappeared. Even though I knew it was someone’s secret mission, I’d had a few drinks myself, forgot it had been removed on purpose, and restocked the fridge myself with extra wine we had in the cupboard. It would have been great to see everyone panic for a bit If I hadn’t ruined it.

Secret Mission 9: Eating 2 packets of crsps in 2 minutes sounds easy, but I’d bought the Wotsits in specifically for the challenge, and they were the only 2 bags in the house. My friend Kirsty had this challenge, but my mate Karen was hungry and really wanted the Wotsits so she stole a bag off Kirsty. Kirsty then had to continue eating the first bag, whist trying to wrestle the 2nd bag back off Karen to compete her challenge in the 2 minutes. All whilst not telling Karen why she wouldn’t let her have any Wotsits.

Secret Mission 14: We got a Tweet! Jane Tweeted a video of a game we’d played that I’d seen on Celebrity Juice (The Cornflake Shake as I call it – this will be on a separate post at some point) to Leigh Francis and Holly Willoughby, and Leigh Francis Tweeted back as you can see below.


Activity – Scream with a Queen

When I found this website, I knew I had a duty to write a blog, as more people needed to know that this is an option for a hen do.

The website seems a little out of date (the public events page mentions 2012), but I have been in touch with ‘Cherry Darling’ and she is definitely still doing hen dos. If I had seen this before I found my Swedish cruise, I would have definitely screamed with a queen!

What is it: “The UKs Premier Paranormal Party Experience”

Where is it: Various locations around the UK from what I can make out on the website

How much is it: From as little as £45 per person

Important info/conditions:  

Contact: cdentertainments@hotmail.co.uk

Website: www.screamwithaqueen.co.uk


The following text (and all photos in this post) are taken from the website:

Scream with a Queen Logo

Welcome to the Scream Palace of Cherry Darling and Scream with a Queen, the UK’s Premier Paranormal Party Experience, delivering unique hen parties, ladies nights and celebration events.

Are you searching for that bespoke and unusual event that will have tongues wagging for years to come? We are the Nation’s only event company to offer this unique experience in some of the most haunted venues and hosted by the divalicious Cherry Darling.

If you’re after a wickedly fun experience then read on…  If you don’t, go to Blackpool…

About us 

Are you looking for an occasion that has simply got to be one of the most unusual events ever? Then you have come to the right place, for here at Scream with a Queen, we offer bespoke ladies nights, unusual celebration events and unique hen party experiences, which encompasses the opportunity for an amazing party as well as going on a ghost hunt in some of the UK’s most haunted locations. However, this is a ghost hunt with a difference… All of our celebration events at Scream with a Queen are tailor-made to thoroughly entertain and to provide you and your chosen victims with the ultimate party or exclusive hen night experience imaginable.

We searched the length and breadth of this haunted Isle to find a Diva of massive proportions capable of leading fun filled parties into the unknown and therefore we ask you to stand and salute the delicious Diva of Darkness herself, the one and only – Cherry Darling!

She will treat you and your guests to the following night of fun, frolics and fright!!

• Arrival Drinks for you and your guests
• A sumptuous two or three course meal in a *haunted location
• Cherry’s Camp Cabaret time
• Mini paranormal ghost hunt

cherry darling

Hendovals? Festidos? Glast-Hen-bury?

My mate Nicki from university has set a date for her wedding. And you know what that means – HEN DO!

Me and Nicki

Nicki and I

And what a hen do it will be. She wanted to go to Glastonbury, and to Glastonbury we shall go. Eight of us were committed to going, and somehow all eight of us managed to get tickets.

We're going to Glastonbury!

We’re going to Glastonbury!

I am excited about the festival, but now I’m advancing in years, I’m not looking forward to the toilet situation.

I'm not looking forward to these...

I’m not looking forward to these…

I’m at that stage in life where I need to go for a wee in the middle of the night and I don’t want to have to put on wellies, crawl out of my tent, walk for a mile and half (in the pouring rain more than likely) and queue up with 3000 other people who also need a wee.

So we’re hiring a motor home! We’ll be dry, warm and have access to our own personal toilet!

Nicki and I (and friends) on a previous Motorhome adventure in Sweden.

I’m not going to lie, it’s going to be an expensive week, but it’ll be worth it.

As I am now going to my first Hendoval? Festido? I thought I’d do a top 6 things to be aware of if you’re thinking of going to a festival for a hen do:

  1. Festivals are expensive. Not just the tickets, but also getting there, food and drink and camping equipment. Be aware that some of the people you really want to be there might not be able to afford it.
  2. On the flip side, you won’t be able to stop people you don’t want to be there from coming! Is your cousin Florence a nightmare drunk? Does Louise from work have hygiene problems? Is your neighbour Susan a little too flirty with your husband-to-be? If it’s V Festival or Leeds etc. where it is easier to get tickets, they can just buy their own and rock up and camp with you!
  3. For those that can afford it, be aware you might not all get tickets. This was a very real fear for Glastonbury, and we’re not entirely sure how we managed it.
  4. There is a very good chance it might rain! Which is not fun. If this is going to really bother you, I’d suggest thinking international! At Sonar festival in Barcelona, you can stay in a hotel. Benicassim Festival (also in Spain) is on a beach. Whoop! (Although my friends went one year and it was so windy their tent blew away…)
  5. You’ll have to pack wisely. It will be difficult taking in 75 individual vodka jelly shots for the forfeits. And we’re going to have to think cleverly about how we’ll fit in the banana suit, the hamburger suit, the chicken suit, the baby outfit and the mankini. Although a mankini doesn’t take up much space…..
  6. The festival might not be near the wedding date. Nicki’s wedding is actually in December. This isn’t a problem at all though, it just means we get to have two hen dos!!

As I have no experience yet of attending a hen do at a festival (Hendoval? Festido?), I will leave this here and report back in July next year. I  can then cover all the things we loved/forgot/wish we’d taken/did work/didn’t work etc. In the meantime, let me know if you have any top tips for hen dos at a festival.

Finally, I found out last week I am going to be Nicki’s bridesmaid. I am very honoured, and very excited indeed, and will now make sure this is the best hen do she can possibly have. (It would’ve just been ok before….)

I can't wait..

I can’t wait..


Activity – Synchronised Swimming

Learning  synchronised swimming. From a team who featured on Britain’s Got Talent and Splash. On your Hen Do. I don’t think I need to say much more.

I personally wouldn’t want to be wearing a swimsuit in front of professional swimsuit wearers on my Hen Do (or in any circumstances), but if you don’t mind, check the details out below:

What is it: “Synchronised Swimming – The newest craze for Hen Parties is here!”

Where is it: Beckenham, South West London

How much is it: Groups of 8-12 ladies, £80 pp (For larger groups of 13+ they can run two lessons during a three-hour session)

Important info/conditions:  Minimum size group is 8 People

Contact: http://www.aquabatix.com/what-we-do/hen-parties.htm, or  info@aquabatix.com, or  

Aquabatix synchronised swimmers

Aquabatix synchronised swimmers

The following text (and all photos in this post) are taken from the website:

Introducing a dynamic new idea for the bride who dares to be different.

Add a touch a glamour and sparkle to your hen party with a synchronised swimming lesson from Aquabatix, the World’s leading team of professional synchronised swimmers as seen on ITV’s Splash and Britain’s Got Talent.

Aquabatix has teamed up with Gillian Milner from the stunning venue Deerhurst Road in SW London to offer an exclusive hen party package for those looking to surprise their bride with something unconventional and truly memorable.

The two-hour session comprises of welcome refreshments, a lesson from one of the UK’s top coach’s along with demonstrations from a former international synchronised swimmer. The fundamentals of synchronised swimming will be taught whilst creating a routine performed to music of your choice. The pool is shallow so any standard of swimmer can participate.

To round of the experience, bubbles will be served whilst you relax in style.

Hen party in action!

Hen party in action!

The hen will also receive a special Speedo Sculpture swimsuitto either wear in the session or take away with her as a memento of her day.

The experience includes exclusive use of the entire basement swimming pool, changing area, disco room and outdoor terrace.

Activity – Knight/Jousting Experience

So, this is my first ‘Activity’ suggestion post. AND LOOK HOW AWESOME IT IS! It’s exactly the kind of thing I was thinking about when wanting to give people different ideas for hen dos.

What is it:Mastering the skills of being a knight, or trying to anyhow!”

Where is it: Warwickshire (There are other companies available – Google jousting experiences)

How much is it: There are lots of different packages available so you will need to contact them for a price. It sounds like it’s probably worth whatever they’re asking!

Important info/conditions: I think a level of horse riding experience might be required for actual jousting

Contact: http://www.knightsofmiddleengland.com/stag-and-hen/ Follow them on Twitter @joustexperience or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/theknightsofmiddleengland


The following text (and all photos) are taken from the website:

“Ladies, forget about the “L” plates, Spa Days and Ann Summers parties… We have something new and exciting to offer you! These totally unique days cater for all sorts of abilities, even none! Geared completely for every member of the group with fun and light hearted banter throughout the day whilst actually mastering the skills of being a knight, or trying to anyhow! With plenty of opportunities to embarrass the stag or hen!

Come for a weekend, day or half day for a unique, exciting and action-packed Stag or Hen Do! Upon your trusty steed learn how to strike the quintaine target (man-shaped target that spins on impact) and spear rings with your lance before wielding a broadsword as you learn a swordfight straight out of the movies. Then raise the stakes as you compete in teams to battle it out in the “Grand Gauntlet Challenge” tournament! You will pick up points for your team in the mounted “knight’s skills” that you have learnt and then attempt to knock the Black Knight from his horse in a mini joust! Add a hog roast and a few barrels of ale with on-site accommodation for the Complete Knight Package!”

stagSlide1 stagSlide2



I have just been on my mate Cath’s fab hen do in Brighton (Saturday to Monday) which was loads of fun, and will feature in a  future “Hen Do That Happened” post.

As I didn’t know a lot of the girls there, I thought i’d ask them if they had any experiences on other hen dos that I could mention in my blog. I got loads of ideas which I will write about in due course, but I especially liked Tanya (one of the organisers) telling me how she was made to dress up as a penguin on her own hen do. This was for 2 reasons:

  1. She looked hilarious
  2. Penguins mate for life. Awww.

Cute, yet funny enough not to be vomit inducing (unlike the boat trip we went on this weekend….)

Tanya penguin

Tanya in her penguin costume!

Kathryn’s (that’s me!) Hen Do

So, I’m off on a hen do this weekend!! In honour of this, here is the first in the series of ‘Hen Dos That Happened’ and I thought I’d better start with mine. I’ve included the main details, a little narrative, and good and bad points, which will hopefully be of use when you have to organise one. Enjoy!!

Where: Sweden – night on a Cruise liner from Sweden to Finland and back
When: 2122 May 2011 (Exactly 3 years, 1 week ago)
How long:  2 days
How close to wedding:  10 days before
Number of hens: 27
Theme: Gypsy bride and bad-taste bridesmaids 
Cost: £169 (flights, accommodation, dinner and breakfast, all you can drink during meals)

So this is the reason I started this blog. My hen do. And what an epic one it was. 28 girls, 2 days, 3 countries, 2 all you can eat buffets, 1 perfectly in-tune rendition of Total Eclipse of the Heart, a sunset, a sunrise, 3 evictions from bars/clubs for me being asleep, 37 re-applications of bright red lipstick, not all on my lips, and approximately 500 crazy Scandinavians.

I organised all the big stuff for my hen do, where we’d go, what we were doing, when, who was coming. I handled all the payments, room allocations, and details of getting to the airport etc. I then handed over the responsibility to my hens for the fun details.

We flew over to Sweden from Gatwick early on Saturday morning, had lunch at a restaurant in the harbour, and then boarded the boat.

All my hens at the airport, in our hen do t-shirts

All my hens at the airport, in our hen do t-shirts


The boat

The boat

I had worked out who was in which cabin before we arrived, and we went and dumped our bags then headed up for drinks in the sunshine on deck.

Later we went to change for dinner, which was an amazing buffet (included in the price) and i was very surprised to turn up at the meeting place and everyone was dressed in bad-taste bridesmaid dresses. That was my highlight I think. Everyone looked great.

surprised face

My surprise at seeing everyone in their bad taste bridesmaid dresses

BTB on deck

Me with all my bad taste bridesmaids

Me with all my bad taste bridesmaids

After dinner, and two hours of beer and wine free on draught (we even stopped bothering with glasses and just poured straight out of the taps into our mouths), we set off exploring the entertainment. There were several clubs and bars on the boat, including a Karaoke bar that we took over for a while. Around midnight everything gets a bit hazy, but I do know that there was a live band on, and the bouncers weren’t very happy if you fell asleep in their bars!


One of my many little naps

I also had several dares to do. As I said things are a bit hazy, but according to photographic evidence I was wearing another man’s socks at one point. I’ll be writing a blog post on ideas for dares at some point in the future.

I went to bed at about 4.30am after watching the sunrise on deck which was amazing. It wasn’t overly fun the following morning when we left the ship (after our included breakfast buffet) and had to get back to the airport with a massive hangover ready for the flight home.

I would post a link to the website here, but unfortunately the company we used for the entire package, which included flights, is no longer in business. If you want to book the cruise and then book flights separately, here is the link:


We went on the Cinderella cruise. You’ll need to check what is now included with this.

Upsides  Great views, inclusive food and drink during mealtimes, Swedish/Finnish people are crazy, staying up for the sunset – my hen’s didn’t let me go to bed even though I kept falling asleep in nightclubs, 2 pregnant friends came with me, it was an absolute bargain, I loved the t-shirts we were all wearing and had a lovely photo book made for me.

Downsides:  It was pretty knackering, a few people got ‘seasick’ after drinking all day the previous day, it didn’t last nearly long enough and apparently it was quite hard for some people to get a bridesmaid dress.


sailingboatssunset We had some lovely scenery to look at as we sailed




Welcome to my blog!

Ooh, my first ever blog post. Is that what they’re called? How exciting.  I was reading lots of blogs on how to start mine off  (I like to do my research) and discovered a good one that  suggested I answer the following questions (it might not have meant to follow them so explicitly):

Who are you?

Hi, I’m Kathryn, I’m 33, I live in London and work as a Business Development Executive. Also, I really love hen dos – both organising and just attending. I had my hen do exactly 3 years ago today! So it’s the perfect day to launch my blog.


Why you are blogging?

I am blogging because when I was planning my hen do I found it difficult to find unusual/unique activities to do. Also, when I have been planning other people’s (I have fully organised seven, and partially organised four) I found it difficult to come up with dares, ideas, games, themes etc. I’m hoping to provide ideas for hen dos that, at present, aren’t readily available in one place, and to make things a bit easier for people who haven’t organised one before.

What will you be blogging about?

I’m basically going to have several different kinds of posts:

  1. Activities – I have searched on the internet for activities that would be great for a hen do, but you wouldn’t normally think of straight away.
  2. Hen dos that have happened – I’ll write about hen dos I have organised/been on, with details of the day, how it was personalised to the bride, costs, and good/bad points. Hopefully this will be useful for other organisers.
  3. Games/Dares – I know from speaking to loads of people and looking on forums that people struggle with thinking of games to play and dares for people to do. I have LOADS of ideas and will be sharing these. None of my suggestions will involve removal of anyone’s underwear.
  4. Hints/Tips – Anything I have learned from organising hen dos, or that other people tell me about that I think is useful.
  5. General – If I think of anything to blog about that doesn’t come under the above headings!

In theory, my blog should provide all the components you need to organise a brilliant hen do. Let’s see if that works in practice!

How can people leave feedback?

Please do get in touch in any of the following ways:

You can also leave comments after every post. Oh, and you can subscribe to receive an alert every time I put on a new post using the form on the right hand side of the page. If you do make sure you fill in the squiggly letter bit on the screen that pops up!


I’d like to thank Kate Warr, a good friend and very successful marketing consultant (www.kewmarketing.com, @kewmarketing) as she gave me so much amazing help and advice in setting this blog up.