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I have just been on my mate Cath’s fab hen do in Brighton (Saturday to Monday) which was loads of fun, and will feature in a  future “Hen Do That Happened” post.

As I didn’t know a lot of the girls there, I thought i’d ask them if they had any experiences on other hen dos that I could mention in my blog. I got loads of ideas which I will write about in due course, but I especially liked Tanya (one of the organisers) telling me how she was made to dress up as a penguin on her own hen do. This was for 2 reasons:

  1. She looked hilarious
  2. Penguins mate for life. Awww.

Cute, yet funny enough not to be vomit inducing (unlike the boat trip we went on this weekend….)

Tanya penguin

Tanya in her penguin costume!