Dares/rules/challenges are what can turn a hen do into an amazing night out, and I know how difficult it can be thinking up really good ones. Well not anymore, as I have provided nearly 100 for you to choose from!

These are ones I have come up with myself, and ones I have scoured the internet for over the past few years. There are a lot, so I have broken them down into sections as best as I can. Just choose the ones you like the best.

I would say you need about 15 – 20 dares for a night. The ones I have provided are fun but tame. Feel free to add in more risqué ones if the Hen will appreciate them. (I’m a bit of a prude!)

Also, if you can, think of some personal ones, they really make an impact. Examples I used on my friend’s hen dos include:

  • Shazza had to stand on a chair and confess to the whole pub how many times she had been to the National Railway Museum in York (7 if you’re interested).
  • El’s hobbies include tennis and rugby so she had to throw and catch a tennis ball 15 times (after she’d had 10 drinks) and also she had to get into a line out with some rugby boys.
  • Emilie had to do her Michael Jackson/Britney Spears dance that she is famous for.
  • Jane hates birds, so one of her dares/forfeits was to ‘touch a pigeon’.

Suggestions for dares

(*F* = dares that would also make good forfeits, i’ll do a separate blog post on forfeits at some point):

Photo ones:

  1. Have a photo taken with a policeman
  2. Have your photo taken with a man shorter than you
  3. Have your photo taken with the tallest person we see
  4. Have you photo taken with a man with the biggest biceps you can find
  5. Have you photo taken with someone who looks like the groom
  6. Have your photo taken with the male equivalent of the spice girls (ginger, sporty, posh, baby & scary)
  7. Get into the background of at least 3 stranger’s photos (photobomb)
  8. Have your photo taken with someone old, someone new, someone borrowed & someone blue (blue could be a policeman or someone wearing blue, or a porn star….)
  9. Have your photo taken with identical twins (or just twins)

Singing ones:

  1. Stand on a table/chair and sing “I’m getting married in the morning, Ding dong the bells are going to chime!” *F*
  2. Serenade a man *F*
  3. Make a man serenade you
  4. Gargle or burp the Wedding March *F*
  5. Sing in the street until someone gives you money
  6. Learn a football chant of the local football team

Drinking ones:

  1. Take a sip out of everyone’s drink as soon as they put it down (so you never stop drinking!). Don’t stop until one of the drinks is finished.
  2. Have a list of ‘sailor’ drinks she has to knock down throughout the course of the night e.g. rum and coke, Malibu and pineapple, Long Island iced tea
  3. Order a drink in a foreign accent
  4. Have a shot of Tequila (it makes you happy)
  5. Down a pint, or give it a damn good go! *F*
  6. Approach a stranger returning from the bar with a few drinks, take one and say ‘cheers that’s very kind of you’
  7. Blag a free drink from the barman
  8. Make a cocktail behind the bar
  9. Persuade a stranger to buy you a drink
  10. Go behind the bar and ring the bell for last orders

Dressing up ones:

  1. Make an accessory or something to wear out of something from every pub (e.g. beer mat bangle, cocktail stick broach, loo roll ribbon etc.).
  2. Wear all your clothes inside out
  3. Swap shoes with a man (I had to put on a man’s socks)
  4. Swap clothes with a friend
  5. Make a bridal veil from toilet paper and wear it *F*
  6. Get a man to let you put lipstick on him. Or a whole face of makeup
  7. Remove your bra without taking your top off
  8. Wear your bra over your top
  9. Remove an item of underwear without leaving the room 

Dancing ones:

  1. Dance on the table
  2. Do a pole dance around street furniture
  3. Dance like a Thriller zombie
  4. Dance the Birdie Song, even if it’s not on, get a stranger to join in with you
  5. Dance on the bar to the next song
  6. Do 30 seconds of Irish dancing *F* 

Slightly flirty/naughty ones:

  1.  Find a man with the hairiest chest, bring him over to the group and rub your face in his chest hair
  2. Pinch the waiter’s bum *F*
  3. Wink at a man and lick your lips
  4. Remove a strange man’s belt with your teeth
  5. Use a cheesy chat up line on a stranger
  6. However old your husband is, that’s how many men’s bums you have to pinch. You could have a notepad and get their names? Maybe buy a bum grabber?
  7. Wear a swizzle sweet necklace and get a different man to eat each one
  8. Fit a condom over a bottle using only your mouth
  9. Whisper something saucy to the youngest barman you can find

Physical ones:

  1. Walk to the next pub backwards (without holding onto anyone) *F*
  2. Hop on one leg for 30 seconds *F*
  3. Request Eye of the Tiger then do press ups on stage in a pub/club
  4. Get a fire-man’s lift from a real fireman
  5. Pose provocatively on the bonnets of 3 parked cars as we walk from the restaurant to the cocktail bar (bonus points for better cars) (minus points if you get arrested)
  6. Become a ‘statue’ and stand still for 5 complete minutes in an awkward place in the bar.
  7. Stand on a table / chair / next to the men’s toilets as a living statue for 90 seconds – the rest of the group should decide what you should imitate
  8. Get a piggyback off a stranger

Acting ones:

  1. Convince the men that try to hit on the group that the hen is someone famous e.g. from the Pussycat Dolls, Corrie, Big Brother etc.
  2. Act out a play in a public place (Rome and Juliette?) and get a stranger to play the romantic male lead
  3. Approach a stranger and pretend you’ve known them for years and reminisce about old time
  4. If you’re in a significant city, recreate famous scenes from History?


  1.  Don’t say no for an hour
  2. Recite the alphabet backwards
  3. Take a bag of rubbish out with you and get the bride to sell it to people. A mouldy potato. An old hat. An empty bottle. She must make up stories about what they are and why people should buy them.
  4. Find someone with a bigger head than the bride (take a tape measure) (my friend Jane has a very large head)

Collecting ones:

  1.  Collect 3 pairs of men’s socks in the shortest time possible
  2. Collect a man’s boxer shorts
  3. Get an entire male outfit by the end of the night. Have an inflatable doll that you have to dress him by collecting things over the night
  4. Shopping List: Give the bride a shopping list of items to acquire by the end of the night, or in an allotted time period. This could include: an empty bottle/ a label from a bottle of beer, a bus ticket, a beer mat, a menthol cigarette, an autograph from a stranger/bartender, a slice of lemon, a business card, a bra, a hair band, a pair of tights, a straw, pub flyer, bus ticket, get a phrase translated into Spanish, LEARN a Spanish phrase, signature from a bartender, a £2 coin, a matchbook … etc.
  5. Obtain a condom, but not from a machine
  6. Get an autograph from a man somewhere on your torso
  7. Get a business card for someone with same name as the groom (and all the ushers?)
  8. Get the phone number of a man whose name begins with a vowel 

General ones:

  1. Touch a pigeon *F*
  2. Next time you go to the toilet, use the mens *F*
  3. Get asked for ID
  4. Ask a random bloke to marry you
  5. Get something worth £5 or over for free
  6. Speak in a foreign accent all night
  7. Get a group of unknown men to chant your name
  8. Have a sign with I Love ‘INSERT GROOMS NAME’ on it and have photos taken with men with the same name
  9. Find a married couple and ask them for sexual advice. The more embarrassing the better
  10. If we spot a celebrity, you have to speak to them
  11. Have 3 men write you a note saying why you should marry them instead
  12. Make up a random nickname for yourself and tell a stranger how you got it
  13. Tell us an embarrassing secret

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