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Hendovals? Festidos? Glast-Hen-bury?

My mate Nicki from university has set a date for her wedding. And you know what that means – HEN DO!

Me and Nicki

Nicki and I

And what a hen do it will be. She wanted to go to Glastonbury, and to Glastonbury we shall go. Eight of us were committed to going, and somehow all eight of us managed to get tickets.

We're going to Glastonbury!

We’re going to Glastonbury!

I am excited about the festival, but now I’m advancing in years, I’m not looking forward to the toilet situation.

I'm not looking forward to these...

I’m not looking forward to these…

I’m at that stage in life where I need to go for a wee in the middle of the night and I don’t want to have to put on wellies, crawl out of my tent, walk for a mile and half (in the pouring rain more than likely) and queue up with 3000 other people who also need a wee.

So we’re hiring a motor home! We’ll be dry, warm and have access to our own personal toilet!

Nicki and I (and friends) on a previous Motorhome adventure in Sweden.

I’m not going to lie, it’s going to be an expensive week, but it’ll be worth it.

As I am now going to my first Hendoval? Festido? I thought I’d do a top 6 things to be aware of if you’re thinking of going to a festival for a hen do:

  1. Festivals are expensive. Not just the tickets, but also getting there, food and drink and camping equipment. Be aware that some of the people you really want to be there might not be able to afford it.
  2. On the flip side, you won’t be able to stop people you don’t want to be there from coming! Is your cousin Florence a nightmare drunk? Does Louise from work have hygiene problems? Is your neighbour Susan a little too flirty with your husband-to-be? If it’s V Festival or Leeds etc. where it is easier to get tickets, they can just buy their own and rock up and camp with you!
  3. For those that can afford it, be aware you might not all get tickets. This was a very real fear for Glastonbury, and we’re not entirely sure how we managed it.
  4. There is a very good chance it might rain! Which is not fun. If this is going to really bother you, I’d suggest thinking international! At Sonar festival in Barcelona, you can stay in a hotel. Benicassim Festival (also in Spain) is on a beach. Whoop! (Although my friends went one year and it was so windy their tent blew away…)
  5. You’ll have to pack wisely. It will be difficult taking in 75 individual vodka jelly shots for the forfeits. And we’re going to have to think cleverly about how we’ll fit in the banana suit, the hamburger suit, the chicken suit, the baby outfit and the mankini. Although a mankini doesn’t take up much space…..
  6. The festival might not be near the wedding date. Nicki’s wedding is actually in December. This isn’t a problem at all though, it just means we get to have two hen dos!!

As I have no experience yet of attending a hen do at a festival (Hendoval? Festido?), I will leave this here and report back in July next year. I  can then cover all the things we loved/forgot/wish we’d taken/did work/didn’t work etc. In the meantime, let me know if you have any top tips for hen dos at a festival.

Finally, I found out last week I am going to be Nicki’s bridesmaid. I am very honoured, and very excited indeed, and will now make sure this is the best hen do she can possibly have. (It would’ve just been ok before….)

I can't wait..

I can’t wait..



I have just been on my mate Cath’s fab hen do in Brighton (Saturday to Monday) which was loads of fun, and will feature in a  future “Hen Do That Happened” post.

As I didn’t know a lot of the girls there, I thought i’d ask them if they had any experiences on other hen dos that I could mention in my blog. I got loads of ideas which I will write about in due course, but I especially liked Tanya (one of the organisers) telling me how she was made to dress up as a penguin on her own hen do. This was for 2 reasons:

  1. She looked hilarious
  2. Penguins mate for life. Awww.

Cute, yet funny enough not to be vomit inducing (unlike the boat trip we went on this weekend….)

Tanya penguin

Tanya in her penguin costume!

Welcome to my blog!

Ooh, my first ever blog post. Is that what they’re called? How exciting.  I was reading lots of blogs on how to start mine off  (I like to do my research) and discovered a good one that  suggested I answer the following questions (it might not have meant to follow them so explicitly):

Who are you?

Hi, I’m Kathryn, I’m 33, I live in London and work as a Business Development Executive. Also, I really love hen dos – both organising and just attending. I had my hen do exactly 3 years ago today! So it’s the perfect day to launch my blog.


Why you are blogging?

I am blogging because when I was planning my hen do I found it difficult to find unusual/unique activities to do. Also, when I have been planning other people’s (I have fully organised seven, and partially organised four) I found it difficult to come up with dares, ideas, games, themes etc. I’m hoping to provide ideas for hen dos that, at present, aren’t readily available in one place, and to make things a bit easier for people who haven’t organised one before.

What will you be blogging about?

I’m basically going to have several different kinds of posts:

  1. Activities – I have searched on the internet for activities that would be great for a hen do, but you wouldn’t normally think of straight away.
  2. Hen dos that have happened – I’ll write about hen dos I have organised/been on, with details of the day, how it was personalised to the bride, costs, and good/bad points. Hopefully this will be useful for other organisers.
  3. Games/Dares – I know from speaking to loads of people and looking on forums that people struggle with thinking of games to play and dares for people to do. I have LOADS of ideas and will be sharing these. None of my suggestions will involve removal of anyone’s underwear.
  4. Hints/Tips – Anything I have learned from organising hen dos, or that other people tell me about that I think is useful.
  5. General – If I think of anything to blog about that doesn’t come under the above headings!

In theory, my blog should provide all the components you need to organise a brilliant hen do. Let’s see if that works in practice!

How can people leave feedback?

Please do get in touch in any of the following ways:

You can also leave comments after every post. Oh, and you can subscribe to receive an alert every time I put on a new post using the form on the right hand side of the page. If you do make sure you fill in the squiggly letter bit on the screen that pops up!


I’d like to thank Kate Warr, a good friend and very successful marketing consultant (, @kewmarketing) as she gave me so much amazing help and advice in setting this blog up.