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Game – Facebook Status Icebreaker

I was told recently about a great icebreaker game.


The hen do organiser went through people’s Facebook accounts, and took people’s status’ over the years, read them out and the group had to guess which person had posted it. You could have an “On This Day” section where you read out what people had been doing on the particular day you’re playing the game on.

She also did some “Guess the Missing Words From the Bride’s Status” and “Who Was ‘In a Complicated Relationship’ in April 2010” etc.


I think this is a great idea, and quite an easy/fun job for the organiser (possibly) if you’re trying to think of different icebreaker games to play. (Although it won’t work very well if all the Hens aren’t on very active on Facebook.)


Secret Missions!

Top Secret

On my mate Kate’s Hen do in early August, I thought it would be fun to set all the Hens secret missions. They all had to complete them at some point on the first night (although one secret mission had all weekend).

There were some hilarious results, so please feel free to steal these and use them on one of your hen dos. Also, let me know in the comments section if you have any other good ones.

Here they all are:

  1. Take a selfie with everyone individually! Be overly enthusiastic about it, and pull terrible faces!
  2. Convince someone you will be naming your daughter James or Andy like Ryan Reynolds or Jack Osbourne. Or Thor if it’s a boy (this was for a 5 months pregnant Hen)
  3. Accidentally prick at least 3 people with your/a badge pin (a bit of a mean one, but I was running short of ideas)
  4. Gradually exaggerate your makeup throughout the night (before 10pm). Get darker eyeliner, lipstick all round your mouth, loads of blusher etc.
  5. Hide all the white wine (without people noticing)
  6. During an appropriate time take a sip out of everyone’s drink as soon as they put it down. Don’t ask them if you can.
  7. Guess what everyone’s secret challenges are, come and tell me when you think you might know. (This was for the bride to be)
  8. Somehow let me know when you are going to attempt it (by asking if I want a drink, and nodding) and then nod at least 30 times in a minute without anyone realising. You can try as many times as you want, but I have to count 30 obvious nods.
  9. Eat 2 bags of Wotsits in 2 minutes
  10. Make an outfit out of other peoples clothing (at least 3 other people) without anyone realising. (Top, jacket, trousers etc.)
  11. Swap your rooms bags with another rooms and act a bit outraged when you ‘discover’ what’s happened!
  12. Over the course of the evening Break into song 5 times in context to what someone says. If someone says wedding, sing I’m getting married in the morning, if someone says tomorrow, sing the sun’ll come out, tomorrow etc.
  13. Ask to try on everyone’s shoes. Even if they won’t fit you. Actually try them on.
  14. Get a celebrity to Tweet us! You have all weekend to see if we get a Tweet.
Wonky secret mission

SECRET MISSION 4: Gradually exaggerate your makeup throughout the evening

Laura secret mission

SECRET MISSION 10: Make an outfit out of at least 3 other peoples clothes

Lynn secret mission LIGHTER

SECRET MISSION 11: Swap your room’s bags with another rooms

All of the challenges were good, but a couple deserve a special mention:

Secret Mission number 4. This was the best one I think. The photo doesn’t really do it justice, but Clare really piled on the makeup throughout the evening and people were too nice to say anything. Everyone was relieved when it turned out she was just doing it for her secret mission.

Secret Mission 5. I ruined this one. I went into the kitchen and someone told me all the wine had disappeared. Even though I knew it was someone’s secret mission, I’d had a few drinks myself, forgot it had been removed on purpose, and restocked the fridge myself with extra wine we had in the cupboard. It would have been great to see everyone panic for a bit If I hadn’t ruined it.

Secret Mission 9: Eating 2 packets of crsps in 2 minutes sounds easy, but I’d bought the Wotsits in specifically for the challenge, and they were the only 2 bags in the house. My friend Kirsty had this challenge, but my mate Karen was hungry and really wanted the Wotsits so she stole a bag off Kirsty. Kirsty then had to continue eating the first bag, whist trying to wrestle the 2nd bag back off Karen to compete her challenge in the 2 minutes. All whilst not telling Karen why she wouldn’t let her have any Wotsits.

Secret Mission 14: We got a Tweet! Jane Tweeted a video of a game we’d played that I’d seen on Celebrity Juice (The Cornflake Shake as I call it – this will be on a separate post at some point) to Leigh Francis and Holly Willoughby, and Leigh Francis Tweeted back as you can see below.


Game – Dress the Wedding Guest

I think everyone knows the game where you split into teams and make a wedding dress for one of your team members out of loo roll.

Image taken from

Image taken from

I like to add in white bin bags and newspaper. At the end a team member ‘explains’ the dress (i.e. explains the inspiration), and you can invent a designer name. The bride-to-be can pick the winner. (Hopefully she won’t be biased if she participated).

As a slightly different alternative to this, on my friend Robyn’s hen do in April we played ‘Dress the Wedding Guest’. We split into teams and were given:

  • 1 Barbie doll (or pound shop alternative);
  • A selection of coloured tissue paper;
  • 1 childs hair bobble;
  • 1 piece of lace fabric;
  • A roll of sellotape; and
  • A pair scissors

I think we had about 15 minutes to create our designs.

Hard at work

Hard at work


The finished products

The finished products

I was genuinely impressed with people’s creations, and it was a great game to play if you have a large communal area to yourselves. Also it’s very mother-in-law friendly game. Unless you’re me and my friend Jane, and you’ve had a couple of glasses of wine. In which case your entry will end up being called Chlamydia, and have a nipple exposed. (Inspiration  – Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction, Super Bowl 2004).

Our wedding guest 'Chlamydia'

Our wedding guest ‘Chlamydia’.

Robyn, the Hen was in charge of judging

Careful consideration from Robyn during the judging process

Careful consideration from Robyn during the judging process

And surprisingly Jane and I didn’t win. These lovely ladies did:

The winners! (the doll was actually dressed as a bride, which was allowed in the rules of the day)

The winners!